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Goodbye HERE

10/25/2017 by ANmar Amdeen

Today is my last day in HERE
It has been great 3+ years, I learned a lot and will never forget you guys

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Financial personality

10/20/2017 by ANmar Amdeen

Looks like I am a Contrarian

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Main slide show

9/9/2017 1:31:35 PM by ANmar Amdeen

Took me a while, but I have now the slideshow that will be populated automatically based on my products

Thinking about adding services and blog entries randomly to be inside that slideshow too

Other tools and websites

9/9/2017 1:29:37 PM by ANmar Amdeen

Learning from my website building attempts, I am now building other tools and websites, including...

User auth. Future changes

7/22/2017 1:05:08 PM by ANmar Amdeen

Looking to add ability of multi-user login (found in blog system) and managing them, from Blog system into big application.
This can be good feature eventually, may be not now??

Forgot that, apply login via LinkedIn is the way to go, the future will not have multiple logins and passwords

User auth merging

7/22/2017 1:02:43 PM by ANmar Amdeen

Looks like we still need to have some additional work to merge user authentications between the blog, the file-manager and the project-manager

Added to Systems

7/14/2017 8:37:48 AM by ANmar Amdeen

Hey, you can see we just added the blog system into ANmar.Systems

We are planning to make it easy to change and flexible, lets hope that output is as we want it

Should we merge this?

7/10/2017 9:10:15 AM by ANmar Amdeen

I am thinking of merging this system with ANmar.Systems
This can be big
Or, maybe run both options together
Have this blog system
And at the same time
develop similar one inside ANmar.Systems

Looks like the decision will be in favor of merging, then we can extract it out into separate system

Testing ANmar user

6/29/2017 4:44:40 PM by ANmar Amdeen

We are now ready for testing the user anmar

Year of websites

1/9/2017 by ANmar Amdeen

That is it, I had it
This year will be year of websites
I have all the tools and weapons now, after getting to know Bootstrap

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