Long time no see

It has been almost two months since my site stop functioning correctly
Here are the details
I landed on new job position in Chicago, IL on May 9th, that have to take a trip to IL by May 6th.

That will result in me trying to keep both positions (EA and this new one), so after checking it looks like I can do that.
Once that confirmed, I flow to IL and stayed there for 2 months til June 29th when I came back and get my family to move there as final steps.
Anyhow, during these two months the server went down due to some issues with connectivity with my ISP, then when I came back, I had to refresh my IP address since I am not using a static one.
After that, we packed and got the flight to IL, where we needed to wait for more than 45 additional days for our stuff to arrive (including my server).

In short: I had the server (for two different reasons) to be off for more than 3 months, causing most of my sites to go down.

Note to self: I need more administrating skills and organizing lessons
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