Online site file browser with edit tools


Access your files and folders of your website from your browser. Make sure you have write-access, and support for Classic ASP on your server.
Upload, download, edit, create or delete files or folders from your browser, all in ONE 105kb file.

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Current version:
Last updated:
Dec 2018
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77405 (type1)
Online functions, sites or tools
ASP Classic
Classic ASP website (aka vbscript)

1File online file browser

A file browser for websites, built over some old enginges, using ASP Classic, Bootstrap 4 and Font-Awesome (free). No database,
CSS and JS scripts used are already in place. just copy and paste the file, then call it from your browser.
  • One Classic ASP file
  • Install by copy and paste
  • Bootstrap 4.0 and Font-Awesome 5.0
  • Place ANmaBrowser.asp anywhere, and browse to it
  • Show files and folders of root of website
  • Password-protected
  • Create new folders and files
  • Upload files
  • Download files
  • Delete files and folders
  • View images already
  • Edit any text ASCII file

Default password is set to admin and it is shown to user, please change the password to ake it secured.

Password has to be changed. Open ANmaBrowser.asp in any text editer, like Notepad, scroll to line 61 and change gblPassword