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Dec 2018
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77412 (type1)
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ASP Classic
Classic ASP website (aka vbscript)
A timeline display for your events (or anything for thatm atter) based on a text file, using ASP Classic, Bootstrap 4 and Font-Awesome (free). No database,
You just need to open the txt file "NMRAmLog.txt" and modify it to your needs.

Each line in txt file represents an event.
An each line has these parts (using example):
2{{$C$}}Termination{{$C$}}Sep 25th'18{{$C$}}fas fa-briefcase{{$C$}}Got terminated from HRC Advisory, it might be stupid, but the reason does not look like what they said!.

  • {{$C$}} is a separator between columns
  • 1st column (2 in example above) is the style of that event, where 1 for an event with dotted line (as in event "2018 starts" in this example), 2 for a ligit event with continues line.
  • Column 2 (Termination in example) is the title of that event
  • Column 3 is the date, Date is for displaying only, order intimeline is the order of these lines and not the order of dates
  • 4th is the icon, using Font-Awesome icons
  • Then, we have the full description, can have any html tags, did not test all of them though
Again, single line in text file is a single event, if you need multiple lines inside an event, you will need to use the HTML < br / >