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Sep 25th'18
Termination Sep 25th'18

Got terminated from HRC Advisory, it might be stupid, but the reason does not look like what they said!.

Jul 22nd'18
ANmar.Top Jul 22nd'18

Starting with ANmar.Top, wordpress site for my non-tech stuff, trying to talk here about non-programming things.

Jul 19th '18
Timeline log Jul 19th '18

As usual, got distracted away from my main task. So an idea I had in mind for a while which is using Bootstrap 4 and FontAwesome 5 to build an easy-to-build timeline, and this page was born, Get this timeline here.

2018 Starts
Oct 25th'17
Goodbye Here Oct 25th'17

This is going to be tough, I really hope that I do not regret this decision, loved the place, the people and the work challenges, it is only the pay that got me out of here.

Oct 1st '17
HRC Advisory Oct 1st '17

Moved in to my next step, full-time with HRC Advisory, smaller company, but better pay with possible remote. finally, a position that pays more than $100k, and remote work?

Jan 1st'17
Year of websites Jan 1st'17

This year is the year of websites, having to know about NameSilo website, and getting more familiar with Bootstrap and Font-Awesome helped me in launching this project, websites, websites, and more websites, an idea I have been thinking of, so here come ANmar, internet!

2017 Starts
Jul 19th '18
Tough 2016 Jul 19th '18

Looking back now, it has been tough, I know we were able to buy the house starting it, but it was tough since i have been working with HERE now for few years with no sign of improvement, just more work.

Mar 15th'16
Moved to Elgin, IL Mar 15th'16

Buying a house and moving to it, large one this time to make me stop moving, and really settle down, will it?

2016 Starts
2015 Starts
Feb 10th'14
Joined HERE Feb 10th'14

Contractor position with HERE (NOKIA at that time), better pay, with real possible to be employee.

2014 Starts
2013 Starts
May 5th'12
Joined Abbott May 5th'12

Contractor position with Abbott labs, big company, possible career step-up.

May 5th'12
Moved to Chicago May 5th'12

A big step, really big and careless step, not calculated, but it turns out to be in very good one.

May 2nd'12
Call from Abbott May 2nd'12

I got a call from Abbott, they need me as VBA Developer in North Chicago, finally, something outside Austin that will pay good.

2012 Starts
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