Shop-Floor-Paperwork system

Complete ASP.NET (using VB.NET, Microsoft SQL, AJAX) to control creating Shop-Floor paperwork for Dawnfoods plants, used accross all Dawnfoods plants in United states.

Current version:
Starting date:
2014 Aug
2015 Feb
Last updated:
2018 Jan
Jul 2015
Internal ID:
PF377 (type1)
Online functions, sites or tools
Custom online .NET tool to create PDF on the fly from user entry of Product and Order numbers, then calling online DB matching client requirements. That was including creating custom JOIN, UNION and VIEW types of queries.
Conditions examined inside the code are based on order details, plant location and charactarestics, along with details from every material inside that order.
Printout pdf has all details needed, tool would adjust printing multi-page pdf respecting headers on each pagem page counter, and prevent breaking table accross multiple pages.
Request was to customize the number of pages, number of tables, format for each table and doing math calculation based on user input of Product and Order numbers.

Used the lib iTEXTSharp in Visual Studiot. Net (VB.NET) along with Microsoft SQL.