Full Medical laboratory System


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Proven sustainability since 2003, YaShFin is a great archiving, analysing and report printing tool for any Medical lab

Starting date:
Aug 2003
Dec 2003
Last updated:
Oct 2018
Dec 2006
Internal ID:
PF361 (type1)
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VBA - Excel
Macros, or Visual Basic for Application tool

A full Excel-based system to manage the whole process of a medical laboratory, with multi-user/multi-level access, it was first made for Al-Sadoon Hospital lab., then used into other labs accross Baghdad, Iraq.
With 12 types of reports, the Admin can enter daily patents lab results into these reports to print them out and save them on a yearly managed database.
The new thing is that it worked by the new low of medical laberetories standard measurment units that was applied in Iraq back in 2006.
Reports encluded are:
- Seminal Fluid exam. report
- General Lab. report
- Clinical Biochemistry report
- General Stool Exa. report
- Compatibility Test report
- Clinical Haematology report
- Clinical Serology report
- Clinical Bacteriology report
- Lipid Profile report
- General Urine Exam. report
- Clinical Histopathology report
- Glucose Tolerance Test report

In addition to these reports, the system does monthly reports of inventory, diamogrophy reports on each of these 12 reports