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Technology will keep changing, human needs too, but human goal is always the same

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System Automation

Creating quick tools to make your life easier, you know, those routine boring steps to move these tables from this application to that application? Yes!.


On-Site tools

Building systems and tools locally on your machine or web-based across multiple users.


Free Consultations

First session is free. Will answer all your data questions about any subject for free (1st 1-hour session).


Excel-based tools

Rapid application tools and systems (as Excel workbook) to work as application matching your requirements.


ANmar is enthusiastic to help others and find solutions to problems. Not only has he helped hundreds of clients with their individual needs, More

Kelly Clark

Mar, 2019 Chicago, Illinois

I called ANmar and asked him if this is doable? He replied : “Don’t ask me if it’s doable, Ask me how long it will take to have it ready?”. More

Ali Alani

Jan, 2019 Chicago, Illinois

ANmar is fun to work with and has been an absolute magician with some very complex Excel work he's done for me. More

Tim Seaberg

Jun, 2018 Dallas, Texas

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BoldCodes is a place where coders (with bold codes) would publish their codes and share it (or not) among others.
Website allows you to have a place to save your codes, then download them in a module structure.

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Recent blog posts v2 now in Bootstrap 4, with some bugs fixed, and faster.

Adding feedback

Now, we do feedback, as we need to import feedback from old website and adding to it feedback from linkedin profile

Perfect 4k resolution

My ASUS 4k laptop is great, but it sometime looks too small.
It is 15" (not 17" as I did not find 17" touch screen 4k), so I guess it is expected

This is funny

Was looking for some generic image to say that "No file attached" and found this one