LEGO Digital Designer again

That is it, LDD v4.3 is my game, I am going to addict it, it has almost all the pieces now, most of the colors, it even has pieces from old sets, and it is faster and works fine under Win7.

LEGO Digital Designer v4.3, if you are a LEGO fan, you will enjoy this.
Get the app also from my Free Apps page

I have been with LEGO since I was 7, my major issue was that we could not get LEGO sets in Iraq, especially during Saddam era, but now, I am able to buy anything I want (Yes I am almost 40 and still enjoy it) it is an imagination thing.
Unlike the new sets they are selling now, I like the classic or vintage ones, the ones that can work on your imaginations, not Star wars, not Harry Potter, not even city, the beauty is building from your own imagination and not replicate reality.

This is how I see LEGO.

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