LEGO creations 1

1- 2MenShuttle
I don't remember who created that, but it was in our mind for a while until I managed to get 12 peices of the tourbine as we called it.

The last few days were very joyfull, I have been playing in LEGO Digital Designer for few days now.

I managed to recreate some of our best small sets (we as in Me and Ghassan my younger brother). We used to play LEGO a lot, talking about our dreams and enjoy creating space shuttles and ships from whatever parts we have.

I will never forget these days, when we tend to find alternatives in order to finish the creation. Alternatives is our friend, but that is another post.
Anyways, here are some of our creations designed by me and my brother Ghassan recreated in LEGO Digital Designer ...
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