How Arab leaders twist realty

I am not trying to interfere with other peoples business.
This is only my opinion
Jamal Mubarak, the son of Husni Mubarak (The president of Egypt) said that
The unfair distribution of fortune is better than the fair distribution of misery

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I am afraid I don't agree with that, Jamal
It is a sneaky way to make people accept the differences between the rich and poor.
In all religions and all times the equality between people was the first thing to be demanded. but now you are saying no to that.
Equality is one of the first things that made Islam spread that fast and will make it more in the future
And it is also one of the names on Allah, in case you don't remember.
I am afraid this is not your best says. How do you expect people to accept that it is ok for them to live in misery since there are else who are wealthy and living fine?

How do you expect people that are living in wealthy to see others who are not?
No, Jamal, this is not true I am afraid.