Generate random barcodes in Word


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Nov 2009
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VBA - Word
Word2003 document to generate one page of BarCodes using Code39, and putting 30 barcodes in a one-page Word document ready to print (based on Avery5260 printing sheet or Template 5160)
  1. You need to enable macros to make it work.
    • In Word2010, click on the 'Enable Content' once open
    • In Word2007, once file is started, click Options > Enable Macros.
    • In Word2003 and earlier, go to Tools > Macros > Security > Medium, then reopen the file.
  2. The process can take long time if generating alot of codes in Random, since it is checking if the new code is repeated or not.
  3. The font needed already in the tool, you should not need the font itself, but if anything goes wrong, the font (IDAutomationHC39M) is in the zip file, just copy it to folder C:\Windows\Fonts
    You may also download it from here or here
  4. Any feedback, please e-mail me
  5. Thanks