My own HTTP server on Win7 ... finally

After few days of trying and failing, I managed tonight to have access to my own server, it is actually a folder on my own laptop that I can access using an IP address+Port.

Update 2018-12-30: Below links and pages no longer work

It was indeed one of my oldest dreams, to get my own server, I don't have one yet, but I know how to do one, I was lost among the IPs, ISPs, DNSs, and stuff like that until made it.

The trick was that my ISP was blocking the port 80, so I have to add another port to my Firewall, then add a port forward in my router firewall (Since I am behind a router) to have access to it.
Check my free subdomain linked to my ip here

And, also

There were also a challenge on how to do that if usually ISPs make sure you have a dynamic IP address and not a static, that was fixed again using service, that have an app (called No-IP DUC) that link your account to your dynamic IP address, will have to try it out and see if it is working fine.

Now that has been done, just a free account to would let me have a domain directed to my IP (Since it is free).

Once I decide, I will see if I can manage to host all or part of my domains through this service, or decide to go with the Static IP through my ISP.

Screenshots on steps on how to setup Server on Win7 machine.

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