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Updates to Folder8

12/27/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

Some updates were made to Folder8 during recent few days.
After I received our family videos from Baghdad (with tons of old family photos)

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Google Calendar in Windows 7 Gadgets

12/21/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

Finally, got the Windows 7 gadget that reads my Google calendar. whoo, that was tough
Sounds very easy to find one, but since Windows Gadget service has been shutdown and only few gadgets are online within Microsoft website, I needed to search for a while.

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Screenshot today, X500 selling ad

12/21/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

Just to give you an idea of what I am dealing with daily, here is a screenshot today.
This was made before posting the ad on selling my Toshiba QOSMIO X500.

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Selling my QOSMIO X500

12/21/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

My TOSHIBA X500 is up for sale:
Manufacturer: TOSHIBA
Model Name: QOSMIO X500-Q895S This laptop is a monster

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Old family pix and videos

12/20/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

Just got the first bag of our old family photos with some videos.
When I say "Old" I mean 1980s and 1990s photos and videos.
I admit this is one of my wildest dreams, to get them digitize and archived, then share them with family and friends, each with its password to allow own access.

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Adding resume and home page tree

12/18/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

After I found some really nice resume templates online, I decided mine, took me one full day to implement, I just need to add the picture soon.

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Website Pointer again

12/17/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

Using the 'Website Pointer' again, I have now connected, and انمار.com to

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SQL fx

12/14/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

I had to notice that having a lot of tags in my Questions and Answers causing a delay in reading that page.
Blog tags mechanism had different approach, but tags for Questions and Answers are kind of wider and open for more in future.

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Circle of help - Change for a Dollar

12/4/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

Helping is a circle, will you stop it when it reaches you???

Or, will you start new circle?

The thing we learn here is you need to be either one of those two:

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Own server attempt failure

12/3/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

Attempt failed to establish my own server.
I was looking to a simple cheap easy-to-follow method to create my own server hosting my own website(s) on one of my machines, but it failed.

It is clear that the DNS/IP/CNAME settings where I don't have any experience in were the main thing against me. I tried to avoid that using or with something called "cloaking" to stop showing IP to end user, but it wasn't what I am looking for.

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Website Pointer

11/29/2011 2:25:00 PM by ANmar Amdeen

I had to learn this technique, linking two domains to one actual site, not redirecting.

And after few searching, I got it and finally linked to

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11/28/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

And now for the second time, I bought another host with the same company. It is all thanksgiving blank friday's fault, the discount was too much that I couldn't resist it, especially when they include renewal price with it.

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My own HTTP server on Win7 ... finally

11/26/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

After few days of trying and failing, I managed tonight to have access to my own server, it is actually a folder on my own laptop that I can access using an IP address+Port.

Update 2018-12-30: Below links and pages no longer work

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Adding testimonials

11/20/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

After few days of ideas and thoughts, I added my all testimonials to my site ( with a small slider at home screen, still need to add the "Testimonials" page, which will be in few days.

2 Yahoo! Answers profiles

11/17/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

My old profile used in Yahoo! Answers was removed because what it looks like, I didn't follow some rules, but I managed to read most of my answers there, in addition, this is my profile screenshot:

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Back to Yahoo!Answers

11/14/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

Going back to Yahoo! Answers, I almost forgot why I left that piece of me there, using the same name VBAXLMan, I start answerring questions.

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You can only like this art

11/11/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

Being a father of a fashion addict girl, I could not resist the urge to like this picture, liked the concept, the idea of merging a girl addict thing to a guy addict thing into one piece of art.

Add event to Google Calendar with an email message

11/7/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

It has been a while since I start using Google Calendar (Since I got my Android phone), after few months of successful update and syncing between Google calendar and Outlook, I needed a quick way to add events to my Google calendar (Once added to Google, an app will sync it with my Outlook calendar).

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Folder8 is online

10/29/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

Update: 2018-12-30 This is the older version of Folder8, which is not online anymore is now online, I have this idea for a while now, could finally save few days to implement it.

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Goodbye Boogi and Tomtom

10/25/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

Now Tomtom just died few days ago and we have to let Boogi go. We really enjoied you guys and hope that you don't hate us very much
One of pictures we got for them together

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DX-Ball game

10/24/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

DX-Ball is one of the best games I played, silly buy joyful.
I had this game since 2001, one of my clients in File1 gave it to me, He said that you will love it, at that time I was kind of away from games and consider them a waste of time (I still feel that sometimes) however I became easily addicted to it, not only me, other friends and customers were easily addicted to it.

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Azher Mehdi

10/23/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

Azher Mehdi, one of my old friends from Baghdad, we were together , me, my brother Ghassan, Anees my cousin and Azher hanging around and reading books from my father's big book library.
Anees was the one that has most passion for books, especially Islamic ones and that was the reason that Saddam and his guys killed him.

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Convert facebook posts to Excel

10/6/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

Few days ago I had that app in Facebook to help me import all my Facebook status posts and links into an Excel sheet.
Link to first post

The challenge was to combine them both, since Get Me My Data does each type of post in a separate process, and the one that does all wall is not aligned well.

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10/6/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

Since my early childhood, I have never been addicted to single game, I am not the type of gaming guy anyway, but ...
This one I was sitting on it for days forgetting everything around me playing until I finished it, I really enjoyed it that I start searching for it once I got my 1st laptop around 2004.

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Facebook after a while

10/4/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

My middle girl joined fb yesterday, now she got 167 friends

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Quick response

10/3/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

During a visit to the doctor, the nurse was trying to get my blood pressure and the meter slipped when she was trying to clip it on my finger, that is when I felt that it will fall and quickly moved my hand to hold it.

At that minute, the nurse was saying "Waao! you have a quick response.!!!"
That got me remembering the few "Quick" responses I had in the past, and here are some of them:

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CSS DateStamp

10/3/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

Obviously I spent some time on CSS these days, during my efforts to update my site and adding Blog and some nice Date stamps. I did search the net for nice ones

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My desktop after a while

10/2/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

It has been a while since I last time did this, so here it is
Just note the Multiple desktop app (in the left bottom corner of screen) that I started using a while back.
Cannot live without it anymore

The Message - The story of Islam movie

10/2/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

This is Full-HD version, great quality
For three hours we all enjoyed watching this movie, after all these years, still enjoying watching it

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Now we need to read Facebook feeds

10/1/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

After importing my old blog posts into the new one, I just turned into reading my Facebook posts, I did post there some posts and links that I want them to be on my site too.

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My blog is back

10/1/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

My blog is back, I needed few days to work on it, using this ANmars template is kind of more joyful than I thought.

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Regular workday screehshot

8/1/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

As you can see, I was working with I3 and EA at that time, doing remote desktop using Remote Desktop Connection or TeamViewer was what made me able to do these two positions at the same time.

Starting screenshot on my laptop

7/8/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

As you can see in most of my screenshots for the past years, I used an app called Multi-desktop, which has been a way to organize my thinking and working at the same time.

So Music capital of the world is also #1 in USA for tech jobs

4/21/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

You should see my smile when I red this article this morning, going through the list of top 25 cities for tech jobs, passing Washington DC, Devner, Portland, NY and San Francisco, which I was pretty sure that it will be #1, no, passing all those and landed into Austin, TX

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3/29/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

A lot of memories come back when listening to this
I remembered when I used to drive half of town to get cassettes of classic music to listen to in my car
Now, I can easily listen to them on Youtube playlists !!

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Girls Can't Eat 15 Pizzas

3/4/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

On the way home from school, since we were hungry and the traffic was bad, I asked my 3 kids to think about something (to let them forget about all that).
So I asked them to create a sentence represents my car plate number. Similar to "Girls Can't Eat 15 Pizzas" we sow on Monk few months ago, why not we do one for my car plate and one for Mom's.

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The Dallas Troly Free ride

2/21/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

We really had a good time in that free ride, we even had a bus breakdown that made us walk to our car using GPS in phone

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Itaf or Outaf

1/29/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

My older sis in UAE, had a huge show (Fashion show) and it looks like she is doing well.
Good job Itaf, or Outaf as they called her

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Working with my website fun

1/4/2011 by ANmar Amdeen

Working with my website