Quick response

During a visit to the doctor, the nurse was trying to get my blood pressure and the meter slipped when she was trying to clip it on my finger, that is when I felt that it will fall and quickly moved my hand to hold it.

At that minute, the nurse was saying "Waao! you have a quick response.!!!"
That got me remembering the few "Quick" responses I had in the past, and here are some of them:

- Once when I was in High school in Baghdad around 1992.
one of my friends was trying to play with me the game I used to play it on him, I used to pull his leg when he was leaning on the wall.
I need to admit I used that trick on him a lot, but without hurting him, I used to put my other foot in front on his feet, then reaching with my right foot to pull his legs while he was leaning on them on the wall, causing him to feel like he will fall, but my left foot will stop him in time.
So, when he was trying to do that trick on me, I managed to control myself using one of my feet and reaching with the other feet to make him slip and fall.
At that time I felt sorry for him, but we all laughed a lot because he couldn't do the trick well.

- Another time when I was driving one of my cousins to her home, yes, I was aggressive driver, and yes, I had my 1990 Prelude with 4 wheel steering, but still, when was trying to drive from behind a bud (blocking my view) I discovered two people were crossing the street, and I would hit them both, except I quickly and smoothly change my steering wheel a little bot just to avoid them, then go back into my lane.
Even my cousin said that, that was a really quick response.
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